Why we do it

Help us make a difference ​ for the future of plastic waste​

Plastics are very versatile materials, with many advantages in use over traditional metal or glass. Until recently there has been little or no attention to the end of life in the application​.

​According to a 2022 OECD report, Europe only recycles 14% of all plastic and the US only 4%. Globally more than 3 billion people do not have access to adequate waste management systems.​

Legislation is at various stages to tackle these issues. Where the costs will either come to the producer &/or the consumer.​

Chestnut Bio (CNB) has patented formulations that are bio-based and bio-degradable. These are designed for applications that have a useful lifetime of 1 – 5 years.​

CNB can scale from its formulation lab without capital investment, due to its outsourced model.​

100% plant-based

100% Natural

100% free from any toxins

Bio-degrade in the natural environment