Our Unique Bio-Polymer

A totally new material​

A totally new material​
Time-initiated Bio-degradation

Time-initiated Bio-degradation

The life-time of products manufactured from ChestnutBio are designed by our polymer chemists and bio-chemists to suit the demands of the market application.

Chestnut Bio is fully validated in Environmental Sustainability Testing, independently by Impact Solutions, Livingstone, and for:

  • Accelerated weathering (ISO4892-2 A Cycle 1); and
  • Biodegradability (ISO17556)

For conditions that represent agricultural and forestry soils.


Refined sugar is:-

  • abundant
  • renewable
  • globally accessible

the primary feedstock in Chestnut Bio

Manufactured using commercial biotechnology and polymer chemistry processes

  • Sustainable
  • Scalable
  • Annually renewable