The England Tree Action Plan 2021 to 2024

There is nothing like a good plan, a call to action if you will!

The plan that I write of here is for England only and for three years only but that makes it non the less crucial as we enter a time in our social consciousness where trees are being seen as the answer to many of the worlds ills and the political optics allows for the resources to make it happen. Scotland has found it easier to get more trees in the ground and thus it’s a focus on England.

My own interests in Green Bonds, in agroforestry and in reduction of single use plastic and herbicides has been been bolstered in the last few years as big business as well as  big politics have both come round to my view of the world.

So the Tree Action plan makes 80 plus promises and to that end I attach the link as well as a screenshot the pledge that most impacts on my new product – The Treehugg will be a new material mix never used to make tree protection products before and we can make cable ties, plastic bags and anything else currently made from micro bead generating, oil based polymers….my alternative being made from plants. There is also a plan to create a weed mat which will stop the need for ‘kill all’ herbicides – which are increasingly seen as dangerous to humanity and wildlife.

So 3.7 in the tree action plan gives us the encouragement to launch our products towards the end of this year and with the testing going on we will soon have the certainty that woodland owners are looking for re a sustainable tree protection system.

From nature, doing their job fully and then on site back to nature again.