Made robustly not to last

Made robustly not to last

We are eliminating single-use plastics in forestry by replacing it with a biodegradable alternative.

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What We Do.

We replace oil-based plastics that break down into micro plastics with plant-based polymers that will biodegrade to carbon dioxide and water.

Chestnut is launching a number of products to replace single-use plastic – so far, that is a 3D printable cable tie, a tree guard and weed suppressing geotextile matting; more products are planned from our patent pending material.

  • unique new material 
  • blend of plant-based polymers
  • biodegrades to carbon dioxide and water 
  • time-initiated biodegradation appropriate to product requirements.
  • replaces fossil-based plastics 
  • replaces PLA-based plastics

Why We Do It.

The World needs Tree Planting on a global scale to capture carbon emissions and combat Climate Change.

Trees require protection from wild animals during the first 5 years of growth to ensure survival, and enable carbon capture.

Our natural world needs tree protection to be non-polluting and non-toxic.

ChestnutBio is

  • 100% plant and inorganic mineral based
  • 100% natural, and 100% free from any toxins
  • It biodegrades in the natural environment to water and carbon dioxide at the end of the designed time-period.

100% plant-based

100% Natural

100% free from any toxins

Bio-degrade in the natural environment

Our Products.

To help replace single-use plastics in the forestry and agricultural sectors :–

  1. Tree Guards, Shrub Guards and Hedge Guards
  2. Weed-suppressing textile matting
  3. Cable Ties


Other Products.

ChestnutBio can be extruded, injection moulded, compression moulded and 3D printed.

It is quick and easy to produce prototypes and test our material in different product portfolios and commercial scale manufacturing.

Vole Guard.

  • Open pasture, simple tube wrap of 15 cm height
  • ChestnutBio
  • Operational life of 5 years
  • Bio-degrades within 7 years in soil


  • spun-bond non-woven textile 30cm x 30cm
  • ChestnutBio plus biochar
  • Operational life of 2 years
  • bio-degrades within 2 years in soil

Strimmer Cord.

  • ongoing R&D project
  • ChestnutBio with and without biochar
  • Operational life of 1 year
  • Biodegrades within 2 years in soil

Cable Ties.

  • Prototyped, scale-up in progress.
  • ChestnutBio
  • Operational life of 2 years
  • Bio-degrades within 3 years in soil


Totally New Material.

A blend of all natural bio-polymers

Patent pending

100% Home compostable

100% Bio-degradable in nature

Scalable manufacturing

Non-toxic and non-polluting


Time-initiated Bio-degradation.

The life-time of products manufactured from ChestnutBio are designed by our polymer chemists and bio-chemists to suit the demands of the market application. 

Chestnut Bio is fully validated in Environmental Stability Testing, independently by Impact Solutions, Livingstone, and for: 

  • Accelerated weathering (ISO4892-2 A Cycle 1); and
  • Biodegradability (ISO17556)

For conditions that represent agricultural and forestry soils.



Refined sugar is:-

  • abundant 
  • renewable 
  • globally accessible

the primary feedstock in Chestnut Bio

Manufactured using commercial biotechnology and polymer chemistry processes

  • Sustainable
  • Scalable
  • Annually renewable

Crop-based sugars.

Wheat, sugar beet, sugar cane

Emerging sugars.

Agricultural & forestry residues, starch-based food wastes, cellulose-based waste such as paper and card,  distillery waste grains.

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